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Appreciating Music Theory: A How-to

All music students around the world would have to learn music theory at one point or another to either advance in their careers or their music knowledge in general. However, a common noise that has come up is that “Music theory is boring,” or “Music theory is hard to learn/understand." While I...


Overcoming the intimidation of learning how to play music

Music can certainly be a challenging and intimidating subject and hobby to learn. Just one look at the material can discourage kids or any age group looking to learn music, and maybe this happened to you too. That said, there are always alternative methods of immersing oneself into the...


The 3 big ways to improve your studying

Studying for an exam, be it an easy or a hard one, isn’t something that we can just easily jump into doing. It takes some planning and some time to get yourself ready, both mentally and physically. There are realistically 3 main areas to consider when coming up with a good study plan. I have...