About World Music Centre

World Music Centre was founded in 2019 by Austin Norihiro, an aspiring entrepreneur, singer, and musician. Austin has had a passion for music ever since he was a toddler, and it has now grown into a passion for helping other musicians and students alike to expand on their abilities and potential.

Although his focus is as a singer and a pianist, he has also accumulated a fair amount of experience as a tutor for younger students. His ability to provide practical, intensive and highly interactive tutoring has provided a stronger foundation for his students to continue succeeding upon.

World Music Centre's clients come from a wide array of backgrounds, countries, and varying levels of musical knowledge and talent. That said, they are all very passionate about music and strive to go further in their pursuit of music.

Austin’s ambition is to become that “GO-TO” person with regards to music theory tutoring and other music-related qualifications. His passion to help students develop on their own passion for music is what continues to move the organization forward, so please help spread the word by sharing this along with your network.